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With almost 20 years of experience in the health, beauty and skin care industry, it is an honour and a privilege to introduce to you my new and exciting all natural and eco friendly roll-on deodorant range, with the brand name FREE & FRESH. It was launched in October 2010 and is to date the biggest natural deodorant range in South Africa, boasting a total of seven different aromatherapy based fragrant blends. 

The escalating rate of life threatening cancer and in particular breast cancer in our modern society, has motivated and birthed a desire within me to develop and make available to you a new natural product that promotes good health and peace of mind. We are created by an Almighty God in a very unique and intricate way to absorb natural substances that the body can identify and work with and not man made synthetic alternatives that produce a long list of health concerns. Just like we were created to digest natural, organic and healthy food, the same principle applies to what we apply onto our skins, as from there it gets absorbed through the skin, into the blood system and into the cells and tissues of our bodies. Even CANSA states on their website that 90% of all cancers are due to environmental factors i.e. toxic chemicals in our air, food, water and cosmetics that we apply daily. This product is free from aluminium, parabens and petrochemicals. 

Besides the benefit of being all natural and eco friendly, it is also exceptionally functional and you can enjoy and look forward to its "All Day Freshness" claim.