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I was running a successful home based beauty salon for about 17 years, and became increasingly aware of certain harmful chemicals that I was exposing myself to on a daily basis while doing certain beauty treatments. Just to mention a few, I was continuously working with acetone and formaldehyde in nail varnishes while doing manicures and pedicures. Not only was I exposing my skin to this but I was also inhaling their fumes due to the close contact with my clients. During facials I was exposing myself to mineral oil and parabens. I just knew that long term this was not good for my health.

I still wanted to stay in the health and beauty industry but wanted to do something different. So in simple faith I just asked God to give me a new business venture idea and lay something on my heart. He did! I received an email from from one of the world’s renowned nutritionist, Dr Mercoela from America, and it was all about 10 natural ways of combating and reducing body odour. One was to change your diet and another was to wash your armpits frequently during the day with soap and water (this I was already able to do as I was working from home). Even before having done any research on the dangers of conventional deodorants I just had this intuitive sense that I should not use them. The fact that the conventional ones just did not have much staying power during our summer months, even though I did try various brands, also made me just avoid them. 

Now a third natural alternative and this is the one that grabbed my attention was to mix some sodium bicarbonate with a little water into a paste and just smear it under your arms. I had never heard of this strange idea and shook my head in unbelief of the possibility that it might work in addressing body odour. So early one summer’s morning in January at about 6 am I quickly mixed a paste of water and sodium bicarbonate and smeared it under my armpits. We had to take our daughter to a swimming gala at King’s Park in Durban and temperatures reached well over 35 degrees that day. I forgot all about it during the day until our way back home again. So I stuck my nose under one armpit and no body odour! I then sat up as straight as a candle and stuck my nose even deeper under my other armpit. Still no body odour! I was so pleasantly surprised and amazed at this wonderful ingredient, that I got my whole family and some close friends to try it out for themselves. The best part of it is that it is so safe to use that people all over the world have for centuries and still are using it to treat acid indigestion by drinking it mixed with some water. 

After doing some research on the internet I realised more and more how harmful our conventional deodorants are and the niche in the market for another natural and effective deodorant. This birthed a desire within me to develop my own 100% natural and earth friendly roll-on deodorant range and to offer the public a natural alternative. The rest is history and we have been going from strength to strength. So I guess we all want to be free from harmful chemicals and stay fresh all day, hence our brand name FREE & FRESH. 

We strive to live long and finish strong! 

Yours in health