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Product Features

Have you ever wondered where, what you roll or spray on every day, is going to? This product is a new and exciting all natural and eco friendly roll-on deodorant that doesn't contain any harmful chemicals known to be associated with breast cancer and numerous hormone related health problems. There is a growing body of concern and implacable evidence that one of the contributing factors of the above mentioned health problems are indeed linked to certain harmful and toxic chemicals that are lurking in our conventional deodorants, notably aluminium, parabens and petrochemicals.

  • 100% natural and earth friendly

Our formulation is not only aluminium, paraben and petrochemical free but contains no trace of any man made synthetic or toxic chemicals. Our formulation is 100% natural and therefore also earth friendly. So when you go and have your bath or shower, what washes off your body does not harm our environment and is therefore conducive to sustainable living by reducing our carbon print. The fact that it is a roll-on deodorant and not an aerosol also makes it more earth and ozone friendly than an aerosol spray deodorant.

  • Contains certified organic ingredients

All of our essential oils come from farmers that use organic farming methods for planting, growing, harvesting and extraction from the various parts of the plant to yield pure and unadulterated essential oils. We also have certification from ECOCERT for most of them. ECOCERT is an international organisation that ensures that organic farming methods are strictly adhered to.

  • Aluminium, paraben and petrochemical free

Aluminium is a heavy metal, extremely toxic to the human body and a confirmed carcinogenic substance. It is also linked to numerous neuro toxic diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease due to it’s association with aluminium in the brain. This is why we also should not use aluminium based cooking pots. Parabens and petrochemicals are known to cause disruptions to our endocrine (hormonal) system. Young girls and boys entering puberty are especially vulnerable to hormonal changes in their body, so it is important to get them started on a natural deodorants as soon as possible to help stabilise their hormones.

We all know that what we apply onto the skin, also gets absorbed through the skin and ultimately finds its way into the blood system and into the cells and tissues of our body. Women shave and wax to get rid of their hair so these toxins come into direct contact with the skin. Important to note is that underarm products are applied directly over the lymph nodes in the armpit area, which are connected to the lymphatic system throughout the whole body. The danger is not in just one application of these harmful chemicals, but in the accumulative effect of multiple applications over months and years that poses a threat to our health and increases our risk of breast cancer. It makes perfect sense then to use a natural alternative. 

  • Reduces perspiration and combats body odour

Besides the benefits of our Free & Fresh deodorants being 100% natural and earth friendly, they are also exceptionally effective and functional in combating body odour.

We use sodium bicarbonate as our main ingredient in addressing body odour. It also has another hidden benefit in that it absorbs perspiration. Sodium bicarbonate has been used for centuries for the following main uses: neutralising unpleasant odours and killing bacteria due to its high pH alkalinity. It is also used orally to relieve any acid indigestion. If it is safe to take in orally, it is most certainly safe to apply onto our skins. So for all of you who have a serious perspiration problem, this should help reduce the amount of perspiration. Our essential oils also help to address body odour and reduce perspiration. 

With this product you can really work up a sweat without the accompanying unpleasant body odour, so it lives up to its "All Day Freshness" claim. 

  • Has hormone balancing benefits and is gentle on the skin

Some of our essential oils have hormone balancing benefits, especially geranium and rose, which is in the deodorants for ladies. Our pure aromatherapy essential oils that we use were chosen specifically for their non toxic, non irritating and non sensitizing properties on the skin. We also use a certified organic aloe vera, which is known for it’s healing, soothing and comforting benefits.

  • Helps to cleanse and detoxify lymph nodes

The aromatherapy essential oils that we use in our formulation also helps to cleanse the lymph nodes in the armpit area. Free & Fresh roll-on deodorants are more than simply another roll-on deodorant on the shelf; they involve skincare and are designed with your health in mind.