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Linen & Room Sprays

Inhale Freshness 


We offer a range of 8 different fragrances all based on pure essential oils. There is a fragrance for everybody. They are multi purpose linen and room sprays and are suitable for the following:

onto your bed linen, into the linen cupboard to create a fresh fragrance and neutralise any unpleasant mould or mildew smell, into your hot running bathwater and with the steam the fragrance spreads into the whole bathroom giving you a very relaxing bath experience, into your car, around the house to get rid of cigarette odour, around your pets, onto your children’s pillow to calm and relax them etc. Just use your imagination. 

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The Range

Sandalwood & SweetOrange >

Ylang Ylang & lime >

Mint >

Lavender >

Vanilla Rose >

Rose >


RooiBos & Vanilla >